Mountain Biking

The best way to explore the forests/ mountains. Suitable for those that want a nice day out and scenic journey, or those that are looking for their next adrenaline buzz. Jumps, drops, rocks, roots, high speeds all optional.

Our instructors will give you tips and advice on the best way to tackle obstacles; looking at body position, speed and angles.

Novice - Intermediate

You must be comfortable riding a bike on the smooth surfaces before booking this trip.

These trips are aimed at those who want to experience mountain biking for the first time, or have done only a little bit before, however they are equally enjoyable for more experienced mountain bikers as well.


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Booking info

  • keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_upMeeting times

    Our meeting times are flexible, we may recommend a meeting time to suit the activity, or you may request a meeting time. Some of the venues we use are very popular and can get busy, whilst we can usually avoid this, we prefer to recommend times where you’ll avoid any waiting around at bottleneck points.

    Popular meetings times are between:

    • Morning 9-10AM
    • Afternoon 1-2PM
    • Evening/ Sunset 5.30-6.30PM

    Under special circumstances we may ask to change the meeting time to suit the incoming/ recent weather, or parking ability. This will only be done with your consultation.

  • keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_upWhere will we meet you?

    We like to meet you at an easy to find location, either at the starting point for our adventure activity or nearby. We’ve found this allows us to get the most out of your day and give you the best experience we can.

    You’ll receive a postcode and clear directions on an activity information sheet once you have paid the deposit, this usually arrives via email within 48 hours. It will include a contact number for our base and the instructor running the activity, should you encounter any problems.

  • keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_upWhat you will need to bring?

    • Mountain bike (if you've not requested to hire one).
    • Cycling helmet; comes with hire bikes if you are hiring one, if not, you will need to provide your own.
    • Spare Inner tube (essential), spare hanger (preferably), not needed if hiring a bike.
    • Drink in either a bottle or hydration pouch.
    • High calories/ energy snack or light lunch.
    • Waterproof Jacket (essential), waterproof trousers (preferable).
    • Active clothing you don’t mind getting muddy and wet. Ideally it needs to be something you can stretch in. (not wool!)
    • Trainers you don’t mind getting muddy and wet. A flat sole is best.
    • Jumper, in case the temperature drops.
    • Small rucksack to hold snacks, spare later, inner tube, jacket etc.

    If combined with other activities you may be required to bring more equipment such as; change of clothes, shoes, big towel etc.

  • keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_upWhat we provide

    The equipment we provide is to the highest standard. Equipment we like to use, chosen for comfort and quality, rather than just cost.

    • Essential safety equipment.
    • Quick on route repairs.
    • Mountain bikes and helmets, if booked.
    • Photos free of charge uploaded onto one drive/ google drive for you to download.

    Extras (if added to booking)

    • GoPro Hero 8 hire and Micro SD card to take home
    • Luxury Changing Robes for discrete comfortable changing

  • keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_upHire a GoPro Hero 8

    Hire a GoPro Hero 8 and take the videos and photos home on the SanDisk Extreme Micro SD Card.

    One of the best action cameras available, our GoPro Hero 8’s can capture the very best 4k video footage and photographs of your experience. We use these with the SanDisk Extreme memory card to record the highest quality footage.

    All our cameras come with screen protection/ housing cases to protect the camera and are treated with RainX to avoid droplets in front of the lens. You can choose and take from a selection of mounting options including a floating handle, helmet mount, chest mount, and wrist mount. All come with a short attachment leash. Different SD card options are available for your needs.

    • £20 for 32gb Micro SD (roughly 1 hour of 4K footage/9,000 photos, enough for most people)
    • £30 for 64gb Micro SD (roughly 2 hours of 4K footage/18,000 photos)
    • £60 for 256gb Micro SD (roughly 8 hours of 4K footage/72,000, enough to record every second of your day with us)

    Whilst we understand items get damaged on trips. During trips the GoPro is your responsibility and if you lose it or purposely damage it there may be a fee of £100 depending on the circumstances. No one has lost one or purposely damaged one yet and we’d like to keep it that way.

    Regardless of whether you add this option we always aim to take photos on all our trips to send you following the activity.

  • keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_upHire a Luxury Changing Robe

    Struggling using a normal towel to cover up whilst getting changed?

    Our Luxury Changing Robes solve this problem, wearing one like a poncho makes changing so much easier. This isn’t essential, but these items have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years for a good reason. Like almost all providers we get changed and ready for the activity near to where the activity starts, and changed again near our vehicles after the activity.

    We’ve chosen thick microfibre robes that are very cosy, to help keep you warm and dry you faster after adventures. These are usually made up of a 80% Polyester - 20% Polyamide mix, which is super absorbent and quick drying. Machine washable at 30 degrees.

    Both sizes of robes are an XL width (85-95cm) which gives most people the ability to get changed easily and comfortably inside.

    Our Medium Robe is 108cm in length and designed for people upto the height of 5ft 11inches/ 180cm. Our Tall is 118cm in length and designed for those over the height of 5ft 10inches/ 175cm. Sadly we don’t offer smaller sizes for children yet, but they are more than welcome to hire a Medium robe.

    • £5 to hire Luxury Changing Robe sizes Medium/Tall
    • £30 to hire and keep new Luxury Changing Robe siize Medium
    • £35 to hire and keep new Luxury Changing Robe size Tall

    Colours available: Black/Blue/Red

  • keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_upLunches and Drinks

    On all full day/ extended day bookings it is essential that you bring lunch and a drink with you. For full day single activities we recommend light lunches with big breakfasts and evening meals either side of the day's activity.

    You don’t want to be caught out on an energy low, but neither do you want a very filling meal requiring a long digesting time. For multi-activities you may want a slightly longer lunch break between the two activities where you can feast and digest it before starting the next one.

    A hot drink in a flask is also recommended for all but the warmest days, we can provide this if requested, with hot squash, chocolate, tea, coffee.

  • keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_upWeather

    Mountain biking is one of those sports that is fantastic in all weathers. Whether it’s rainy or the sun is shining you can still shred the trails. However it doesn’t take much wind to make it hard to cycle in the exposed mountains.

    As soon as the forecast gives the impression that we may need to change venue location, change activity, rearrange the date, or to cancel the activity and receive a full refund, we will inform you straight away. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, unfortunmately we are at the mercy of the weather Gods.

    Sea Level Traversing, Gorge Walking, Canyoning, Coasteering or one of our Underground Adventures can all be great alternatives.

    Fortunately this isn’t a frequent occurrence.

  • keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_upSafety information

    Your safety is our number one priority and all our instructors are highly experienced and qualified to be able to offer these high quality adventures. They have all worked with lots of different clients from all age groups and abilities, and have been assessed by a number of different technical experts over the years.

    Despite this, there is an element of risk to all the activities we do, these are adventure activities after all. For example; our instructors won’t be able to stop you falling over and bashing your knee or other parts of your body. They will, however, teach you how to move in these environments, what to look out for and keep safe near the big drops and wild water.

  • keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_upRecent injuries/ medical conditions

    We would advise anyone unsure whether they can/ should join any of these activities to first check it with your GP, or any relevant health specialist. At any point, you are more than welcome to get in touch about any recent injuries or medical conditions you have to discuss how they might impact the activity.

    Before each activity we’ll ask everyone to let us know if they have any recent injuries or medical conditions. It is essential you let our instructor know so should something happen, they’ll be prepared to deal with it quickly and effectively. A quiet 1-1 word would be perfect.

    We’d like to be able to include everyone in activities, however it is essential that you can wear our safety equipment comfortably and you are aware of any additional risks the activity may propose. If you broke your ankle 2 weeks ago, then sadly it's probably best if you waited a little longer for it to heal before going on one of our activities.

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